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Emo, Scene, And Alternative Boys
Emo, Scene, And Alternative Boys
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Submit some pictures babes(as long as they have underwear on)

Anonymous asked: Question 8


Question 8: Sexual orientation?

-Straight. Sorry ladies :3 

Stay strong Hong Kong ❤️

theofficialsammy635 asked: Hi I was wondering if you wouldn't mind reblogging 1 or 2 of my pics? I'm trying to become a site model and id really appreciate the help (:


This is a blog for pictures of boys, but I’ll reblog the one of you and your boyfriend?(I think) 

Anonymous asked: Posta uma foto sua ?


Are you asking for me to post a picture of myself? 

Anonymous asked: Do you know the names of any emo/scene boy models? If so, can you tell us some? I love your blog, thanks! <3


If I do know the names I will put them in the description and the tags. Oh and thanks :) 

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